App Management


Once your developer account has been approved, you will gain access to the Developer Environment, where you can:

  • Register your App
  • Find the API key associated with that App
  • Manage your existing Apps
  • Test out API calls in the Interactive Console

Registering Your App

To create an App and generate an API key, select the Add New button. You will then be presented with the following form:

Name: Unique name for your App. See Branding Guidelines for tips on naming your App.

Description: This will be visible to users who enable your App in their Studio Prime Portal.

Commercial/Private use: You’ll need to answer this before getting your App approved for production.

Scopes: What pieces of data does your App need access to? (You can change these later)

Scope Name Description
full_prime Full Admin access to Prime Member Projects/Sessions
read_prime Read-only access to Prime Member Projects/Sessions for Reporting
full_user Full access to User owned Projects/Sessions
jobs Access automated Jobs in Projects

Full_Prime Scope
The full_prime scope requires that the user is a Studio Prime Administrator, and this permission set introduces some additional risk and potential complication – for example, a Studio Prime Admin user could easily delete any Sessions or Projects across the entire Studio Prime space, using an App with full_prime scopes. This scope is only recommended if absolutely necessary.

OAuth Redirect URL: This is the URL that the token gets passed to in the OAuth Process. To learn more about this process, visit the Authentication page.

Support Contact Information: You’ll need at least an email address or a website with contact information on it before getting your App approved for production. Your support contact information will be visible to Studio Prime administrators in the Studio Prime portal.

New App Registration Form
New App Registration Form
Integration Support Contact Information
Display of App support contact information in the Studio Prime portal

The App Card

Once you have created your App, it will be displayed within App Management as an App Card:

App status: This can be Sandbox, Pending Production, Production or Disabled.

  • Sandbox: The App is in development and unable to connect to production data.
  • Pending Production: Production credentials have been requested, but not yet approved.
  • Production: Production credentials have been approved; the App can be made available in a Production capacity.
  • Disabled: After the App has been approved for production, it may be Disabled permanently. If an App is disabled, new Production Credentials must be requested for production.

App Name: e.g. “My First App”.

Description: The description entered in the New Application Form.

Scope: The scopes enabled for the App.

OAuth URL: The OAuth Redirect URL(s) that you provided during the Registration.

App Name, Description, Scope and OAuth URL may be edited, while the App is in the Sandbox, by clicking Edit.


App card front
App Card Front

Finding your API Key

Together, the ClientID and Secret serve as your API Key. Click the upper right hand corner of your App’s Card to flip it over to the back.

Client ID: In addition to being used to grant your App access to the Studio API, this is also the Integration ID that users will search for to enable your App within their Studio Prime Portal once your App is in production.

Client Secret: Click Generate Secret to get a secret for your app. Save this secret somewhere and treat it like a password. After you leave the page, the secret will not be retrievable, but you can generate another one if you lose it.

If a secret already exists for your App, generating a new secret will require the App to be re-deployed and all existing installations of this app with the previous secret will cease to function.


App Card Back
App Card Back

Using Your API Key and Developing Your App

Visit the Authentication page to learn how to use your Client ID and Secret to authenticate your App.

Here are some helpful resources when developing your App:

Requesting Production Credentials

Once your App is ready to go into Production, click Request Production Credentials. Your App will be submitted to the Bluebeam Integrations Team for review. Continue to our Approval Process page to learn more.

Request Production Credentials
Request Production Credentials