Example Workflows


In the Functionality page, we’ve seen the various API functions available for Studio Sessions, Studio Projects and Studio Project File Jobs. While the possibilities of utilizing these functions are innumerable, we have selected some common workflows that the Studio API can support.

Get the gears turning with these common workflows:

+ DMS to Session Roundtrip

+ Projects Backup

+ Project Reporting

DMS to Session Roundtrip

One of the most common uses for the Studio API is to programmatically launch Studio Sessions from within the interface of an external system. This workflow is ideal for sending PDFs to a collaborative environment, where multiple reviewers may markup the PDFs, either simultaneously or asynchronously. Once the reviewers are finished, the marked up PDFs get returned to the originating system. To learn more about Studio Sessions, visit our Studio Sessions page.

Send to Sessions Roundtrip Diagram

Studio Projects Backup

This simple workflow allows a user to create a backup of their Studio Project files. Backups may be run on demand, or at regularly scheduled intervals. To learn more about Studio Projects, visit our Studio Projects page.

Projects Backup Diagram

Studio Projects Markups List Data Reporting

This workflow takes advantage of the Studio Project Jobs portion of the API, and can be useful when users want to report on all markups within their PDFs. A common use case for this workflow is to check the current statuses of all markups on a job. In order for the API to access them, the PDFs must be stored within Studio Projects. To learn more about Studio Projects, visit our Studio Projects page.

Project Reporting Diagram