Studio API FAQ

What is the Bluebeam Studio API?

The Bluebeam Studio Platform API is the set of access points that allow other applications to interact and integrate with Studio data. Using the Studio API, a developer can write software to get Studio information and perform Studio functions. The list of functionalities available using the Studio API can be found on the Studio API Functionality page.

How do I use an application developed with the Studio API?

In order to use an application developed with the Studio API, an organization needs a Studio Prime subscription. The Owner of a Studio Prime account can enable integrations through the Integrations Management section of the Studio Prime Portal. For more product information and subscription options, visit our Bluebeam Studio page.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the number of requests or users?

In the development stage, the platform for testing apps will have limits on the number of requests and the number of users your account can add for testing.

When an app is used in production, rate limits on requests will be applied (with higher limits than the test platform) while user limits will be based on the Studio Prime account subscription.

How do I submit a bug or make a feature suggestion?

Please visit our Contact page with information regarding any bugs found with the Studio API calls. Generally, Bluebeam feature suggestions should be sent to

Where can I get support?

Get in touch with our Integrations Team via our Contact page with all questions. We won’t be able to write your code for you, but at least we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Developer FAQ

What is the "Console" when I log in to my BBDN account?

Your Bluebeam Developer Network account comes with a Studio Prime sandbox space where you can build and test code. The Console is essentially interactive documentation connected to your Studio Prime sandbox space.

Where can I find examples of code interacting with the API?

After registering for a developer account, you will have access to the Console, where you can find all the parameter and response details for each call. Check back for documentation updates, including code samples.

How can I get test data into my sandbox?

You can create test data (such as Studio Sessions, Studio Projects, and files within each) through the Console. You can also create test data within your Studio Prime sandbox space by logging in to Studio through Bluebeam Revu, our desktop application. Simply click on the Studio tab within Revu and log in using your Bluebeam Developer Network account credentials. To learn more about accessing Studio from within Revu, visit our Learning about Bluebeam Studio Studio Support page. To download a free 30-day trial of Bluebeam Revu, visit our Trials page.

Are there any multistep API functions?

A few of the functions available in the Studio API require a multistep process to execute the function. Below are examples:

To upload a file to a Project or Session:

  • Create a placeholder ID for a new file
  • Upload the file to the returned URL
  • Confirm the upload to make it available in a Project or Session
  • File processing jobs may take time to complete. After making a call on a Project file, such as converting to PDF, adding a stamp or rotating pages, the job will ensue when the output file has been added or updated.

Some file processing jobs return information about documents, including the status of the job. In these cases, a second call is required to retrieve the information.

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