Approval Process


Before your App can be made available in an official production capacity, it will need to be approved by Bluebeam’s Integrations team. By now, you will have gone through most of the Development Process.

When to Request Production Credentials

When you have finished developing your App, and you are ready for customers to start using it with their Studio Prime accounts, navigate to your App card within the Development Environment and click Request Production Credentials.

Requesting Production Credentials

Once you click Request Production Credentials, your App will be submitted to Bluebeam’s Integration team for review. Be sure you have provided the following by clicking Edit on the App Card:

  • An accurate description of your App.
  • Support contact information. We will ask for support contact information to provide to users who enable your integration within their Prime accounts.
  • The App’s commercial availability
    • Guidelines differ, depending upon whether the app is for public or private consumption.

If you have not yet provided this information, your request will be rejected. You may cancel your request at any time.

Request Production Credentials button on App Card
Request Production Credentials

Your App Demo

Be prepared to demonstrate your App. Here are some things we will be looking for:

  • The end-to-end workflow from the perspective of a user (we want to ensure that the integration is a good experience for the end user).
  • What problem your integration is trying to solve.
  • An explanation of the integration’s functionality.
  • What Scopes your App is using, and why.
  • That your App follows the Security Guidelines noted on our Authentication page.
  • That your App follows our Branding Guidelines.
  • We understand that bugs often show up during the worst times, like live demonstrations. If we happen to discover any glaring issues, we will ask you to fix them and come back for a second demonstration.
App Card, Production Pending


During, or shortly after your demo, you will hear from the Bluebeam Integrations team about whether or not your App has been approved. Once your App is approved, its card will show that it is in Production.

App Card, in Production

Making Your App Available to Customers

Once your App is approved for Production, you will be able to share your Client ID with your customers or those interested in enabling your App. Your Client ID serves as the Integration ID for Studio Prime Administrators.

To enable your App within their Studio Prime Portal, Studio Prime Admins can search for your Client ID in the field marked “Enter Integration ID Provided” within the Integrations Management section of the Studio Prime portal.

Visit our Studio Prime page to learn more.

Customers must have a subscription to Studio Prime in order to enable an integration with the Studio API.

Integrations Management within Studio Prime Portal

Making Changes to Apps in Production

Inevitably, there will be bugs to fix and improvements to make. If you need to make changes to your App after it has been approved for production, please contact the Integrations team.

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