Getting Started


The Bluebeam Studio API gives access to our document-based, cloud collaboration platform, Studio, and opens up lines of communication for seamless integration between Studio and your systems. The Studio API is RESTful and uses the following standards:

  • Authentication with OAuth 2.0
    • All API calls are made under the context of a user, by authenticating with OAuth, a user grants permission to your App to gain access to their data and make API requests on their behalf.
  • All requests and response bodies must be JSON formatted. Set the Content-Type: application/json header on all requests that have bodies.
  • API calls must be made over HTTPS.

What can the Studio API do?

There are three groups of functionality within the Studio API: Sessions, Projects and Jobs. Visit our Functionality page for a full list of functions, and our Example Workflows page to get some ideas of what you can do with the Studio API.

App End User Requirements

To take advantage of an application built using the Studio API, users must have a subscription to Studio Prime (a premium, paid tier of Studio). In order to use an integration, a user must be a Member of a Studio Prime space in which the integration is enabled. For more information on the application development process and requirements, visit the Development Process.

It’s free to develop a Studio integration and make it available in a production capacity, however anyone who wishes to use an integration must have a paid subscription to Studio Prime.

REST Patterns

Below are the general patterns used by the Studio API. Some endpoints may have additional features and some endpoints may not support certain actions. In some cases, POST calls are used to specify actions that do not fit into a REST pattern and instead the verb is used.

Note: {collection} is the type of object (i.e., folders, files, users, etc.) and {id} is the unique ID of a resource in that collection.

Descriptions HTTP Verb Endpoints
Index (List Items) GET{collection}
Show (Item Detail) GET{collection}/{id}
Create POST{collection}
Update PUT{collection}/{id}
Delete DELETE{collection}/{id}

BBDN Development Process

Ready to start building? Here’s a general overview of the development process: