Studio API Overview

Welcome to the Bluebeam Developer Network, affectionately referred to as the BBDN. Get to know our document-based collaboration platform, Bluebeam Studio, and explore how the Studio API can expand your existing technology solutions.

First, meet Bluebeam Revu, our desktop solution for PDF creation, editing and annotating. Revu is essential to understanding how you can leverage the Studio platform—the center of our technology ecosystem.

Bluebeam Revu

Bluebeam Revu’s primary users are technical professionals who typically perform intensive document review. Being able to redline, markup, comment and communicate technical information on PDF documents are all in a day’s work. Revu streamlines these tasks and also automates much of the tedium involved in document management. For more information, check out our Bluebeam Revu page. You’ll be an expert in no time!

Bluebeam Studio

Few projects are a one-person job. That’s why we created Bluebeam Studio, our integrated cloud-based collaboration platform that helps keep entire project teams on the same page. There are two sides to Studio: Studio Projects and Studio Sessions.

  • Studio Projects gives customers the flexibility of storing, accessing and sharing PDFs and any other file type from anywhere, with anyone. Think of Projects as a lightweight document management solution.
  • Studio Sessions allows multiple users to markup, comment, and add photos and videos to the same PDFs simultaneously or separately, streamlining document review for busy professionals working on complex projects.

For more information on Bluebeam Studio, check out our Studio FAQ, and see our Studio Workflow Training videos to get a feel for the user experience.

The Studio API

And now for the reason you’re here: the Studio API. Rather than keep all the magic of Bluebeam Studio to ourselves, we developed an API to allow our customers to connect our platform with trusted systems. Our RESTful API allows you to harness the power of our PDF collaboration technology and extend robust document review workflows to your customers.