Branding Guidelines


We’re happy that you’ve chosen to build an App with the Studio API! Below are guidelines that you’ll need to follow in order for us to approve your App for production. These guidelines will help when referencing Bluebeam and your relationship to us in your marketing, App naming, branding and in-App experience. Once your App is in production, it must continue to comply with these guidelines to stay in production.

Use of Logos


  • Feel free to display our Bluebeam Authorized Developer badge on your website or marketing materials once your App has been approved for production. We will provide you with the logo, upon request, once your App has been approved.


  • Modify the Bluebeam Authorized Developer badge in any way.
  • Use all or part of any of our registered logos or similar likeness for your logos, within your Apps, as part of an integration with an existing App or service, or for any other purpose for which you have not been granted our express consent.

References to Bluebeam


  • Refer to us as “Bluebeam”, not “BlueBeam” or “Blue Beam”.
  • Refer to “Bluebeam Studio Sessions” or “Bluebeam Studio Projects” the first time they are mentioned in your interface.
  • Refer to “Studio Sessions” or “Studio Projects” each time after the first mention.
  • Use the complete name and trademark symbols when referring to Bluebeam Studio™ in your App and marketing materials copy (don’t worry about using trademark symbols for interface elements like buttons or context menu items):
    • Bluebeam Studio™ API
    • Bluebeam Studio™ Prime
    • Bluebeam Studio™ Projects
    • Bluebeam Studio™ Sessions


  • Use “Bluebeam”, “Blue”, or “Beam” in combination with your App or company name.
  • Refer to us as “BlueBeam” or “Blue Beam”.
  • Refer to Studio Sessions as “sessions”, without specifying that they are “Studio Sessions”
  • Refer to Studio Projects as “projects”, without specifying that they are “Studio Projects”
  • Trademark “Studio” when used without “Bluebeam” (e.g., Studio API)
  • Use terms confusingly similar to Bluebeam in your App or company name
  • Include other Bluebeam trademarks not expressly permitted by these guidelines, including No Limits® and eXtreme®.

Your Relationship to Bluebeam


  • Refer to yourself, once your App has been approved for production, as:
    • A developer or technology integrator using Bluebeam Studio™ API
    • A Member of Bluebeam’s Developer Network
    • A Bluebeam Authorized Developer


  • Describe your relationship to Bluebeam in terms that imply partnership, sponsorship or endorsement, such as “partner.”

Further Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these guidelines.